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Artist:Roger And The Gypsies
Label:  Seven B
Date:Mar 1966
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ARoger And The GypsiesPass The Hatchet (Part I)R. Leon, Jr., R. Theriot, E. Oropeza9.0  Rate
BRoger And The GypsiesPass The Hatchet (Part II)R. Leon, Jr., R. Theriot, E. OropezaRate


BB April 2, 1966


Comments and Reviews
17th Oct 2015
 Added B-side image to accompany original A-side. The full version of "Pass the Hatchet" was released in 2012 on JMAN 092.

2nd Jun 2014
 Added label variant.


17th Feb 2013
 The "E. Oropeza" credited on the label is Earl Stanley, whose full name is Earl Stanislaus Oropeza. He doesn't consider "Pass the Hatchet" his best work, but it made him the most money by far. See this profile from New Orleans Offbeat magazine.

30th Jul 2012
 Earl Stanley and the Stereos

25th Apr 2012
 Composition and backing track were by Earl Stanley and the Stereos, a white New Orleans band. Eddie Bo added overdubs and vocals. Bo was one of the many great New Orleans musicians who never achieved the fame their talents deserved.

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Tags:  White Cliffs Pub. Co. (BMI)

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