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Artist:Georgia Gibbs
Label:  Mercury
Catalogue:70095X45 / 70095-X45
Date:Feb 1953
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Community:11 Own
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AGeorgia GibbsSeven Lonely DaysShuman, Shuman, BrownRate
BGeorgia GibbsIf You Take My Heart AwayShull, HovenRate


B: Georgia Gibbs w/ The Yale Brothers


3rd Nov 2013
 I think you are correct about the sheet music being issued with the original release in 1953. The price of forty cents is sort of a tip-off.

2nd Nov 2013
 Bonny Lou had a hit with Seven Lonely Days MSP 6021 on the Country charts. Georgia Gibbs covered it and took it to # 5 Billboard's Pop chart.

mickey rat
2nd Nov 2013
 At the risk of sounding pedantic I think this is another case of assuming the lower matrix is the A side. With Mercury that ain't always so because matrices were assigned at time of recording or acquisition. "Seven Lonely Days" was always intended to be the biggie here. Actually I remember this one being hammered on the wireless when I was still a wee tacker waiting for rock & roll to come along. There were a lot of versions out there and it was a sizeable worldwide hit song.

29th Jul 2013
 If you overlook that this song is SIXTY years old, it is pretty cool. (AND pre-rock and roll)>


28th Jul 2013
 Seven Lonely Days was the hit side. It debuted in Cashbox on 4/18/53, spent 6 weeks on the chart and peaked at #8.

28th Jul 2013
 added missing labels

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