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Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Capitol
Date:18 Feb 1963
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Community:16 Own
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AThe BeatlesLove Me DoLennon, McCartneyRate
BThe BeatlesP. S. I Love YouLennon, McCartneyRate


- Record also exported and Charted in the USA
- This is also the "Ringo Drums" version of Love Me Do (same as original pressing of UK Parlophone R 4949)


21st May 2014
 Phantom Gtowner, what distinguishes them from images 152589 & 152590?

Phantom Gtowner
21st May 2014
 Images 713986 and 713990 are a later pressing from mid 1964 but no later than mid 1966.

17th Mar 2013
 Yes, zonophone, these juke strips would be U.S. as they are printed and state "Capitol Canadian 72076" to indicate them as such. They would not have been issued in February 1963 with the original single release, likely in early 1964. Only Love Me Do, Roll Over Beethoven and All My Loving have these juke box strips to my knowledge.

15th Mar 2013
 andrewcroft: very nice copy! I remember there was a copy for sale on fab4collectibles some time ago but I see it has been sold.

1st Mar 2013
 Are these Jukebox strips form the USA? (for the export 45s)
If I remember well, Canadian strips are typed and not printed, right?

23rd Feb 2013
 Added the "Capitol Canadian" juke box strip for this one.

22nd Feb 2013
 Added upgraded near mint labels of my Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You with no dash-number after the matrix numbers, appears to be the darker orange labels so hopefully is one of the first issues.

3rd Feb 2013
 Added upgraded images

8th Jan 2013
 Part of it may've been the printing, but another aspect was that some pressing plants used a type of paper that lost about 2 - 5% of its whiteness when pressed onto the record, which may explain why the yellow appears mustardish on 1963 pressings by RCA Victor's Smiths Falls, Ontario plant.

By the time of the Starline single with the Andy White version, Canadian Capitol was using lacquers from the New York studios ('P' or 'T' within the lacquer number code), and such 45's were pressed by Compo in Cornwall, Ontario.

8th Jan 2013
 Hi Rocketstail, indeed the original 63 copies would have a darker swirl, with a more "mustard" yellow color. The differences are subtle though, you would have to compare with other 45s pressed during the same period, before Capitol received a new batch of (slightly lighter) labels.
So to answer your question, in my 5 copies, not all labels are the same hue.

8th Oct 2012
 Zonophone, since you own 5 copies without the dash are all swirls the same hue? are the original February 18th release copies darker? I have a copy bought from back then but I'm not *exactly* sure if it was in 1963 ... no hyphen in the matrix.

24th Jul 2012
 According to Mark Lewisohn's usually excellent reference book "The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions", the recording with Ringo was discarded.
Makes no sense to me, as it's basically identical, minus Ringo's Tambourine playing on the Andy White take.

24th Jul 2012
 Beatlejohn, I can confirm the Starline Single of Love Me Do indeed has the Andy White version. I do not know if it is because they got rid of the master or if they simply complied with the US catalog, but Capitol Canada were not known to throw much away... I personally think it was simply to comply with the USA catalog.
Canada dubbed masters from the UK singles since it was common practice back then; EMI almost never sent masters for singles from the UK, so they dubbed the 45s instead. In some instances masters were sent from Scranton in the USA. EMI sent album tape masters (like the Beatlemania album), but rarely did they send anything for singles, especially for yet unknown bands like the Beatles in 1963!

Gizmobob, it is not known exactly how many copies of this first run have actually sold; Paul White's account varies from interview to interview, but between 78 and 140 copies has been determined as a safe bet. But be careful, not all Love Me Do discs are first runs from 1963 (obviously) and mostly, not all discs with no dash and number in the matrix are first runs either (as it was originally thought)...
Actually, the metal parts used to press the local run of around 200 copies were most likely re-used in 1964 when Beatlemania took off, so many early 1964 pressings (with swirls showing a slightly different hue) have no dash and number as they were made form the same parts.
I personally own 5 copies with no dash and number, and know of at least another dozen from collector friends, so unless we are all EXTREMELY lucky and own 17 of the 78 original copies that sold (and survived), it is statistically impossible to consider all "no dash and numbers" as original 63 pressings.

Piers Hemmingsen's latest Beatles discography book (part 3) covers in extensive details the sales of Canadian records with company record sales.

30th Mar 2012
 BJ - does this count? ;-)

29th Mar 2012
 Suposedly...(and our Canadian friends will let me know if this is true or not), when this coupling was moved over to the Canadian Starline series in 1965 (45-6042), the "Andy White" version was substituted for the "Ringo" version..(I've never heard a copy to confirm), but I do know when the compilers of the US version of the "Rarities" Lp asked Capitol of Canada if they still posessed the original 45 master to Love Me Do (at the time, not knowing it was a record dub) they were told it was discarded and relpaced with a newer (Andy) version ...John..... (as a side note, you don't know how delighted I am when I come across a Capitol of Canada 70000 series single..to my US eyes it's so cool to find various artists on that Capitol "Swirl" label, (The Hollies, Gerry, Manfred Mann, Billy J., Dave Clark 5, The Scaffold, The Yardbirds...PINK FLOYD!..I love it...)

29th Mar 2012
 Marketing Manager Paul White, of Capitol of Canada, upon listening to "Love Me Do" from an early UK 45 pressing that was sent to him, decided to run off a small initial order for local retail stores. These were dubbed from the UK 45, instead of waiting for the Master Tapes to be sent to him, hence why it has the very rare version of Ringo on drums. It is reported that only about 78 copies of this February 18, 1963 release were sold to the public. This is extremely significant since it was the first ever North American commercial record listing the artists as "The Beatles"... a full week before VJ 498 (Please Please Me / Ask Me Why) was released in the USA.

26th May 2011
 This record was dubbed directly from the UK 45 instead of using a tape master; this is why it has the Ringo version.
Early copies with no dash and number in the matrix info hand etched in the trail off area are much harder to find as the Beatles were not yet known in Canada then. The record sold poorly at first.

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