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Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Capitol
Date:9 Dec 1963
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AThe BeatlesRoll Over BeethovenChuck BerryRate
BThe BeatlesPlease Mister PostmanHollandRate


-record also exported and charted in USA


23rd Feb 2013
 The jukebox strip examples came from Pittsburgh, PA-based Star Title Strip Co.

23rd Feb 2013
 Added the "Canadian Capitol" juke box strip for this one.

11th Jul 2011
 After the Beatles hit it big in the U.S.A. in 1964 , copies of this single began leaking into America and getting radio play and Capitol had not released it in America.. Capitol, also under pressure to get another Beatles LP out after the massive success of "Meet The Beatles", quickly slapped to together "Second Album":, which included these 2 tracks

davie gordon
4th Mar 2011
 This will explain the background to the Marvelettes' record.


As for the variations on versions by other artists I've never been sure how labels actually get their info. when they're doing cover versions - contact the
local representative of the original publisher ? However it was done it's
probably part sloppiness, part politics.

4th Mar 2011
 I've noticed that almost every version (Marvelettes, Carpenters, Boone Family) of Please Mr. (Mister) Postman has a differnt batch/groupings of songwriters both in the States and Abroad, the Tamla single is the same as the UK Fontana....then it goes haywire...anybody know why? (I do know from reading Katherine Anderson's book that original Marvelette Geogiana Dobbins came up with the original concept of the song, and is credited on the original release).. John

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