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Artist:Die Beatles
Label:  Capitol
Date:15 Jun 1964
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24th Jul 2012
 By then, the Beatles were gaining media attention and Capitol of Canada (not yet being obligated to synch up to the US catalog) issued everything they could get their hands on, and those include all the releases available in the US on non-Capitol labels, like Swan and VJ. Needless to say, people asked themselves the same question as Zabadak: what is the interest in this release?. The single sold extremely poorly and no subsequent pressing was ever made, making it this record quite hard to find.

3rd Nov 2011
 When the Beatles broke on Parlophone in England, the parent company ( E.M.I. ) had no trouble convincing its subsidiary Capitol Records of Canada to pick up the releases. Capitol records in the U.S., more skeptical of success, declined.As a result all U.K. singles were released in Canada on the Capitol yellow swirl label.

1st Nov 2011
 Firstly, why was this released at all in Canada? Secondly, I never realised non-Beatles were ever credited as co-writers on any official Fabs releases!

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