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Artist:The Staccatos [Canada]
Label:  Capitol
Date:Aug 1966
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Community:2 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Staccatos [Canada]Let's Run AwayLes EmmersonRate
BThe Staccatos [Canada]Face To Face (With Love)Les EmmersonRate


this is the only picture sleeve of the group on Capitol. Let's run away is a moody ballad while the flip is an extremely face paced rocker.


15th Jun 2012

Dr Doom
1st Nov 2011
 Hi Tokenhippie, The American entries will have an American flag and the Canadian ones will have a Canadian flag. I think that'll be enough to distinguish between them.

As I'm sure you're aware there are a few bands called The Staccatos so I've add [Canada] after their name. If you spot any releases which should be credited to the Canadian Staccatos then hit the Make Correction button at the bottom of the record's page and we can credit them correctly.


: )

PS - Great stuff you are adding btw. Many thanks!

1st Nov 2011
 Let's run away was the first issue in the USA on Tower 277. No picture sleeve was issued in the USA

1st Nov 2011
 I'm trying to make a distinction between the Canadian releases and the USA ones. The last issue under the Staccatos name is the same numbering system as the USA one. So I am distinguishing between the two by pointing out the Canadian Capitol 72000 series

1st Nov 2011
 I still have to scan the B sides of these 45s. i had these done a long time ago and was about to upload them on another site but their approval rate is like days or weeks and no b sides are included. this site is user friendly and perfect for my venue. Corrections are made quickly when mistakes are made and everything is uploaded immediately

1st Nov 2011
 Tokenhippie: thanks for the scans - they are great. All these Canadian Capitol 72000 series releases have thus far been entered as Capitol releases.

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