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Artist:Fleetwood Mac
Label:  Warner Bros.
Date:Aug 1987
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AFleetwood MacLittle LiesChristine McVie, Eddy QuintelaLindsey Buckingham, Richard Dashut8.3  Rate
BFleetwood MacRickyChristine McVie, Lindsey BuckinghamLindsey Buckingham, Richard DashutRate


CB charted August 29, 1987

Allied (SLM) delta numbers: Δ17134 & Δ17134-X


18th Mar 2014
 Yup, styrene. Thanks.

18th Mar 2014
 These deltas were from Sheffield Lab Matrix (SLM) and unrelated to the system used for years by Monarch / ElectroSound Los Angeles (ELA). Furthermore, if it's styrene, the record was pressed by Allied Record Co. of Los Angeles which was owned by WEA.

17th Jan 2014
 My copy looks the same as {245635 - 245636} and appears to be pressed by ElectroSound Los Angeles (Δ17134 & Δ17134-X respectively), however I thought that plant closed the year earlier?. Also has "Precision" hand written in the deadwax?

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