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Artist:The 5th Dimension
Label:  Soul City
Catalogue:756 / SCR-756
Date:May 1967
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Community:35 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe 5th DimensionUp-Up And AwayJim WebbJohnny Rivers, Marc GordonMarty PaichRate
BThe 5th DimensionWhich Way To NowhereJim WebbJohnny Rivers, Marc GordonJim WebbRate


BB May 27, 1967


13th Jul 2015
 Webb, however, did arrange the B side.

12th Jul 2015
 Variant scans added.

I had always assumed that Jimmy Webb both produced and arranged "Up, Up and Away." Surprising to see that he did neither.

7th Mar 2015

7th Mar 2015

14th Nov 2013
 Promotional labels added

28th Mar 2013
 No delta numbers. All I see in dead wax is SCR-756-A and then a 4 in a circle. B side the same except for the -B.

28th Mar 2013
 In any event, the label typesetting on {Images #229137, 229138 & 777695} emanated from Alco Research & Engineering in Los Angeles; would there be any delta numbers in the deadwax? Also, by this point, Liberty (which distributed Soul City) had acquired the Research Craft pressing plant in Los Angeles; might that have been where pressings with this typesetting variant may've come from?

As for the difference in positioning of lines at the bottom between {Image #229137} and {Image #777695}, chalk it up to letterpress printing of the label copy type - if done in offset, the positioning would've been the same.

28th Mar 2013
 I just uploaded another A side, 777695. Almost identical to 229137; look at placement of credits below artist name. B side identical to 229138. Can't tell where it's pressed; very little in dead wax. Vinyl.

Dave El Git
21st Nov 2011
 Uploaded images with SCR-756 as Cat No.

Dave El Git
14th Nov 2011
 I have another label variation which gives the Cat. no. as SCR-756

10th Sep 2011
 Love the 5th Dimension so appreciate the U.S. scans John. I note the B side on the Soul City release is different to the UK Liberty LBF 15014 release. 'Pattern People' is an incredible track and was good enough to be an A side in it's own right.

10th Sep 2011

9th Sep 2011
 added alternate font labels....John

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