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Artist:Rosemary And Howard
Label:  Jerden
Date:Jun 1965
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ARosemary And HowardBroken PromisesDel ShannonJohn Paul JonesRate
BJohn Paul Jones OrchestraSound CityJohn Paul JonesJohn Paul JonesRate


a) 45-JD 134
b) 45-JD 135


17th Aug 2015
 Monarch deltas:


21st Jun 2011
 Originally released on Tempo TPO 1 in Ireland (May 14, 1965) with "Broken Promises" on the A-side. Scheduled to be released in England in June 1965 but I can't tell if that ever happened.

The U.S. release was also in June 1965, on Jerden. A Billboard ad indicates that "Broken Promises" was the A-side.

28th Mar 2011
 Thats what i was told but as you can see Broken Promises has the lower # Maybe they were wrong so if the Mods want to change it i have no problem with that.I must confess the only reason i picked up the Irish copy on the Tempo label was the fact that it was a cover of a Del Shannon song.I collected that kind of thing back then.Amazed to find out 20 odd years later that is was issued in the US.Like you say who had heard of JPJ back in 65.

davie gordon
28th Mar 2011
 Why would Jerden have switched the A and B sides ? It's not as if Jones'
name would have had any special value. Just curious.

27th Mar 2011
 This single was originally released in Ireland on the independent Tempo label.The future Led Zep bassist was working as a producer in Dublin at the time and the Rosemary & Howard track was actually the A side and they flipped it for the US release.JPJ is rumoured to have played all the instruments on Sound City.

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