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Artist:Pia Zadora
Label:  Elektra / Curb
Date:Nov 1982
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Community:7 Own, 1 Wants
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APia ZadoraThe Clapping SongLincoln ChaseCharles CalelloCharles Calello9.0  Rate
BPia ZadoraLovin' ThingsArthur Schroeck, Jet LoringCharles CalelloCharles Calello5.0  Rate


CB charted February 12, 1983

BB Nov 20, 1982 top single picks/recommended


19th Apr 2014
  In my opinion , Pia Zadora's dance version of " The Clapping Song " is almost as good as the Shirley Ellis original. Zadora's competent vocal is set to a more interesting arrangement than the original , with a heavier , more funky beat ( 'though the extended fade - out becomes quite tedious after a minute or two ). The " b " side is Zadora's take on the song recorded by the Grass Roots , Marmalade etc. It is slower than the other versions , not an improvement , with a tricky arrangement which doesn't really work.

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