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Artist:The Buggles
Label:  Island
Date:Jun 1983
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AThe BugglesVideo Killed The Radio StarTrevor Horne, Geoffrey Downes, Bruce WooleyThe BugglesRate
BThe BugglesKid DynamoTrevor Horne, Geoffrey DownesThe BugglesRate


-- re-release (it didn't chart)


10th Oct 2014
 Neil, why post your legitimate comment here against the US entry instead of against the Aussie version, which is where it should be.

Record Collector
10th Oct 2014
 This became the last to reach number one in 1979 on the NSW Top 40 and also the 1970'sand the question of the title did they/ well not really

Neil Forbes
10th Oct 2014
 From "The Book" Top-40 Research(Jim Barnes & Steve Scanes) Edition #7:
The Buggles -Video Killed The Radio Star NSW(Australia) Chart - Debut 14th November, 1979 at #20 - Peaked - It topped the chart! #1! Spending 18 weeks on the chart in total, finally dropping off our charts in late March, 1980.
By the way - I wish to totally reject and refute the claim made in the song's title!
The Radio Star LIVES! He/she is alive and well and residing happily in community radio stations across Australia - so there!!!

5th Dec 2013
 Reissued in the USA in 1983 thanks to MTV making it the first song ever played on the channel.
The reissue had more airplay, and is probably the reason some think of this song as an "80's classic".

Because of MTV playing some of 1979's "New Wave" hits in the channel's early days, they also get lumped into the 80's category like The Romantics "What I Like About You" and Gary Numan's "Cars'.

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