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Artist:Various Artists
Label:  HMV Junior Record Club
Catalogue:7EG 125
Title:Little Black Sambo
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Community:9 Own, 2 Want
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A1Susan HampshireBlack Sambo, Black SamboCyril Ornadel, David CroftFiona BentleyRate
A2Rex Garner, Julian Orchard, James Ottaway And David CroftI'm The Grandest Tiger In The JungleCyril Ornadel, David CroftFiona BentleyRate
A3Susan Hampshire, Yolanda And David CroftI Like PancakesCyril Ornadel, David CroftFiona BentleyRate
B1Susan HampshireEverything I Need I GotCyril Ornadel, David CroftFiona BentleyRate
B2Susan HampshireI Shall Tickle You SillyCyril Ornadel, David CroftFiona BentleyRate
B3Susan HampshireI Like Pancakes (Reprise)Cyril Ornadel, David CroftFiona BentleyRate


Picture sleeve.

Later pressings have a different title for the B-side - Little Black Wuff And Little Black Muff.

Narrator - Ray Ellington
Sambo - Susan Hampshire
Mumbo - Yolanda
Jumbo - David Croft
1st Tiger - Rex Garner
2nd Tiger - Julian Orchard
3rd Tiger - James Ottoway
4th Tiger - David Croft


9th May 2015
 @JanetCouchman. If You drop Your e-mail address Into my PM box I Will send You MP3's. H.

9th May 2015
 Oh wow I LOVED this record as a child. I would sing the songs over and over. I would love to hear it again. I listened to the other versions available on you tube but could not find this specific one. I was born in 1959 and this is listed as being recorded in 1961. If anyone could send me an audio file of it I would be most grateful.

8th Jan 2012
 Hi, I have hear the Little Brave Sambo version. Is there any way I can hear your record of the Little Black Sambo?

8th Apr 2011
 Fans of this record REALLY dig it. I know every word of Little Brave Sambo myself - and have annoyed my family members for years singing these great songs. Why does this little Indian boy have a Brooklyn accent? Funny. I posted a video on YouTube of my 45. Enjoy this: http://youtu.be/nXcQ1iMbMa4

8th Aug 2010
 Incredibly this was released in the States in the early 60's (on Capitol), later re-released in the 70's as Little BRAVE Sambo with the lead song re-recorded.

21st Jun 2010
 I could sing you EVERY song from this, we had the Green Vinyl edition at Primary School.

I wonder what the PC Brigade would say now to a group of 5 year olds singing "BLACK SAMBO, BLACK SAMBO, EVERYBODY LOVES HIM, BLACK SAMBO" at the tops of their voices? Innocent times.

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