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Artist:Howlin' Wolf
Label:  Chess
Title:Howlin' Wolf
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A1Howlin' WolfTell Me8.0  Rate
A2Howlin' WolfWho's Been Talkin'Rate
A3Howlin' WolfSpoonfullRate
B1Howlin' WolfShake For MeRate
B2Howlin' WolfGoing Down SlowRate
B3Howlin' WolfDown In The BottomRate


6 Track Stereo EP for the Juke Box market. Originally issued with a picture card sleeve, same rocking chair picture (tinted blue) as the 12" album release of the same name


Number: 187355  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: carryonsidney
Edited By: KeithS
Description: a side

21st Jul 2012
 Hi carryonsidney - thanks for the links, I'm often at bothSidesNow but the Wolf site kept me pretty absorbed - loved the late 78s which sound like dynamite and the early RPM. What an archaic label.

After all the nosing around I took another look at the scan here and the answer is on the label. It is actually there twice and we discographers missed it. It was mastered by RCA with a "P" prefix, which means 1963. The approx date is also given away by the Chess matrix 12219, which is early 1963, no less.

Chess never used the yellow label for LPs and the first major change was to the black crest label in 12/63 or 1/64. Nevertheless, they kept using up old yellow and even blue labels through 1966 and did the same with LPs. I knew the LPs used the vertical design later and none of my circle bought these EPs because of the sound. We had the mono US LPs from places like Imhofs and Transat in Soho.

BSN lists mono numbers beyond their existance, I think. We had trouble locating the 'More Real Folk Blues' series in mono by 1967 and I think they only had one pressing run. I didn't buy 'Chuck Berry's Golden Decade' immediately and it took me years to get a mono copy - in wonderful sound.

Long story short, I recalled this period as the time of the EPs too. Well it was 50 years ago but I stand duly chastened and my apologies go to the moderators who went to the trouble to change the date. I will be absolutely as careful as possible to avoid erroneous information in the future.

Whether EPs or 7 inch LPs they are here to stay in our listings. I still wonder about the 7 inch vinyl Modern/RPM 78s for DJs in 1952. There was only a handful of them anyway. Joe Bihari said the idea was to save cost and breakage but the DJs wouldn't use them.

21st Jul 2012
 no there are plenty of 7 inch 33 rpm ep's on this site..theres a topic somewhere about it.
As for this record I am more than happy with a 1962 or 1963 release date as it fits with the full length album. It also happens to happens to have the right label, Chess did not issue this label design in the late sixties. I have a sugar pie desanto ep like (also listed here on 45cat)
Here are 2 links about this record that might help you Deezee...

howlin wolf

chess album discography

21st Jul 2012
 Could be. I saw in another post where a 12 inch 45 rpm single was stated as not belonging in the list. Opinions might vary as to if this is an EP but if this site lists all 7 inch discs it belongs here anyway. The 33 rpm singles that RCA bought out in the mid-60s would also belong.

But while it gets tougher to be certain of exact years, Goldmine was certainly a little early in the release date. Chess hadn't even started electronic stereo LPs in that year.

Modern/RPM released some 7 inch 78rpms in 1952 but I'd guess they don't belong. Nothing is cut and dried in our world.

21st Jul 2012
 I would call this an EP on account of it being a 7" even if does play at 33rpm. I havent played in a long time but it might possibly be a rechannelled stereo but certainly not true stereo.

Goldmie has this as issued in 1963 with and without a sleeve.

21st Jul 2012
 Is this really an EP? Other labels besides Chess put these out in stereo, often electronic stereo as a new format, I believe for juke boxes. They were looked upon as mini-LPs as I remember.

While this is from a 1962 LP, these special releases were done around 1967/8.

24th Apr 2011
 (33 1/3 rpm)

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RCA Custom (Part II : 1963 - ) - 3768 Items - List by W.B.lbl

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