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Artist:Lonnie Donegan And His Skiffle Group
Label:  Pye Nixa
Catalogue:7N 15129
Date:Apr 1958
Chart Position:6
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:23 Own, 1 Wants
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ALonnie Donegan And His Skiffle GroupNobody Loves Like An IrishmanL. DoneganRate
BLonnie Donegan And His Skiffle GroupThe Grand Coulee DamGuthrie, DoneganRate


23rd Feb 2015
 I spotted it in the queue after making my own comment -- sorry!

Nonetheless it would have been fixed in 2011 if notified properly then. Making corrections in a comment alone always runs the risk that the mods will miss it; we try to keep our eyes on the comments too, but the site has grown so busy that it's easy to miss them.

23rd Feb 2015
 Thanks for fixing this Klepsie. In fact, I did submit a correction, hence my question. Maybe the (45)cat ate it :-)

22nd Feb 2015
 Because nobody submitted a "Make Correction"? I'll change it now. (And correct the spelling of "Coulee".)

22nd Feb 2015
 As headcoat said 3 and a half years ago, "Nobody Loves Like an Irishman" is the A side. Is there a particular reason this hasn't been fixed?

25th Jan 2014

29th Aug 2011
 Shouldn't Nobody Love Like an Irishman be the A side, the label has the A suffix on that side and B suffix on the other side?

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