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Artist:Lonnie Donegan And His Skiffle Group
Label:  Pye Nixa
Catalogue:7N 15206
Date:Jun 1959
Chart Position:2
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Community:77 Own
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22nd Feb 2015
 I had a copy of the bloody/ruddy version on a 78. I'm sure it used "bloody" but can't be sure as I haven't heard it since I loaned out the 78 in 1977 - never to be returned!

I've bought several copies since in the hope of finding another but have had no luck.
I wonder if the word was used on any copies issued abroad.

12th Dec 2014
 A side: "Recorded at the Bristol Hippodrome" (UK).

20th Jul 2014
 Version 2 by Lonnie with "bloody" lyric


3rd Mar 2014
 Just listened through tons of versions on Spotify and every single CD uses "Bloomin'"
On the odd re records that Lonnie later did, he always used "Bloody"
There are even some stereo versions of the orignal too.
Wonder why he went with "Colonel Packenham" when everyone else went with Jackson???

2nd Mar 2014
Totally diff (LP later?) version ? Vogue PNV 24048

From the horse's mouth

A 78 Blooming Version

Live Blooming (1960) Nice mini-guitar riff variation on this version

I have some off radio tapes somewhere but my recorder is inaccessible/ not working at the present time (had more too I think but sold them to a chap in watford some years back)

Maybe are we getting confused with Johnny Horton versions
British Version- The Blooming Rebels

Bloody British


2nd Mar 2014
 I have never come across a copy that plays "ruddy British" instead of "bloomin' British" yet. I should imagine that they're much rarer than is thought.

Until I read sheepdip's comment on here, I wrote off the "ruddy British" theory as a vicious rumour, and eventually stopped believing it existed.

15th Apr 2013
 The BBC one notes is still sensitive but it would be difficult to find a film, radio drama, newspaper article from 1959 with bloody used in a similar context. The BBC is publicly funded via the licence but very much answerable to Parliament and MPs more than ready to have their opinions printed in the privately owned press.


14th Apr 2013
 From Patrick Humphries’ Donegan biography:-
“Despite its chart success, Donegan ran into problems with the BBC mandarins who felt unable to condone the reference to “Bloody British”..their objection was the word, not the anti-British sentiment. The word “ruddy” was quickly substituted but even this was not acceptable. So while on tour in the West Country Donegan dashed into a studio to record the word “Bloomin” which was then delicately inserted into the original recording”

14th Apr 2013
 Probably to enable airplay. It's difficult for youngsters (i.e., those under the age of 30) to imagine just how sensitive the BBC were to things like that at the time.

14th Apr 2013
 Seems to be a bit of conflict with the lyrics of this song. My version says"fought the ruddy British", however my brothers idential copy says "fought the bloomin' British".
Anyone know why?

12th Apr 2012
 Doesn't that look like a 1959 Decca pressing round centre? (I MUST get out more).

27th Feb 2012
 "We stuffed his head with cannon balls and powdered his behind and when we touched the powder off the 'gator lost his mind" Lonnie must have been taking a chance singing about a British defeat but it sold well enough!

Ade Macrow
9th Jan 2012
 Upgraded scans of kab2112's labels added.

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