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Record Details

Artist:Lonnie Donegan And His Group
Label:  Pye
Catalogue:7N 15256 / 45.XX.1256
Date:16 Mar 1960
Chart Position:1
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Community:86 Own, 1 Wants
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ALonnie Donegan And His GroupMy Old Man's A Dustman (Ballad Of A Refuse Disposal Officer)L. Donegan, P. Buchanan9.3  Rate
BLonnie Donegan And His GroupThe Golden VanityL. Donegan7.3  Rate


18th Oct 2015
 Live, 1961, updated, Putting on the Donegan, ATV

26th Jul 2015
 From checking the rim print above, it appears that {Images #109675, 109676, 17357 & 17358} would come first in order, as the typesetting and wording of the rim print and the positioning of the '45 RPM' and 'MADE IN ENGLAND' were all holdovers from the old Pye Nixa design - and thus {Images #58429, 58430, 289797 & 289798} were later pressings. Apparently while this was in release, Pye did a revamp to its label design.

4th Jun 2013
 The Gaumont Cinema where this was recorded was demolished two years ago. Yet another act of urban vandalism in a town that doesn't seem to value its past. One of the girls shreiking their heads off in laughter is my then 16 year-old aunt.

31st Mar 2013
 Just reading the Lonnie Donegan biography. This release had so many pre-orders that Pye were forced to use EMI as contract presser. Without double checking, this was the first single to dump the now defunct "Skiffle" references

23rd Aug 2012
 aha! good detective work!

I'm just about to put up more release dates from more release sheets I've pulled out!!

22nd Aug 2012
 Record Retailer announced in the issue dated July 16th, 1964 that from Aug 1st Pye will issue records on Friday instead of Tuesday. I never realised this always assumed they were released like all other labels on a Friday. We live and learn.

22nd Aug 2012
 mmm... that sheds a bit more light... this Pye pamphlet def states Wednesday releases for a couple of singles/e.p.'s... more research is needed!!

21st Aug 2012
 If you stood at the record counter in Browns you had your back to the toy and jokes counter .Always remember hearing a yobbo asking for "Plastic Cack"

bill mann
21st Aug 2012
 When I was a lad records were always released on Fridays. 4.15pm Fridays, Les Browns in
Stockton was always packed with kids after the latest sounds, me included.

21st Aug 2012
 I have a Pye release pamphlet that shows this as a Wednesday?!?! 16th March 1960 release date (the pamphlet also shows another 5 singles released on this date)

can anyone confirm singles/e.p.'s were released on Wednesday's in the late 50's/early 60's?!

27th Feb 2012
 "You've missed me, am I too late?" "No, jump up on the cart." If you were at the Doncaster Gaumont that night you'd have had a ball, no I wasn't, I saw him at the Bradford Alhambra and then many years later at Twin Towns, Tweed Heads, Australia.

23rd Feb 2012
 A side "Recorded at the Gaumont Cinema, Doncaster".

3rd Jun 2011
 The solid center image shows an un-dinked pressing which allows us to clearly see the unique to Pye 4 small marker lines around the 1 1/2 " large hole and press out center area (1 1/2" cube) to assist the type setters and printers in keeping any text out of this area and behind the lines. The other examples show the pressing after it has been through the dinker and has cut out seqments to leave a press out optional centre. Pressings that just have a 1 1/2 " large hole are not dinked but are simply die-cut. A Dinking cutter is a precision machine tooled die that cuts out the three (Philips/Phonogram) segments or four (EMI etc) segments to leave a intrinsick centre to pressed out IF required and thus devalue the pressing by up to 50% !

1st Oct 2010

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