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Record Details

Artist:The Kinks
Label:  Pye
Catalogue:7N 15636
Date:17 Apr 1964
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:15 Own, 11 Want
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AThe KinksYou Still Want MeR. DaviesShel Talmy7.0  Rate
BThe KinksYou Do Something To MeR. DaviesShel Talmy7.0  Rate


NME review Apr 17, 1964.
Disc review Apr 18, 1964.


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Problem Child
18th Jan 2013
 Better 'B' side label added. I remember reading about the 127 copies sold when I got this back in the mid '70s - seemed impossible... mainly, how did they know?! Forgot where I read that though.

14th Jul 2012
 £227 got you an Ex+ copy on eBay last night

2nd Jul 2012
 NME review from Apr 17, 1964 added. Not that this single went completely unnoticed.

17th May 2012
This figure of 127 has been doing the rounds for years. I believe the figure to be much higher.The single was pressed as both solid center and 4 prog push out center.If the figure of 127 is to be believed why go to the trouble of pressing two formats for such a low number of pressings?
I have owned 7 copies of this record over the years upgrading to a near mint copy(push out center) 3 or 4 years ago.

20th Aug 2011
 Wow, I knew it didn't sell many copies, but 127? Would you believe I paid £2 for this in 2005? Sadly, the price sticker was on the a-side label, hence the residue visible in the scan. The actual playing surface is near-mint, though. If it was dinked for a juke box, it can't have had many plays!

17th Jul 2011
 I really like the B side (although it doesn't sound anything like The Kinks) but not enough to buy a copy!

Dave mentioned this single on the recent BBC4 doc - he said they were so thrilled to be on the same label as The Searchers and this was their attempt at a Searchers-esque pop single... before the infamous cone-slashing and discovering ''their sound'...

11th Jul 2011
 According to what I read it sold 127 copies, but sales figures do tend to vary, even when they are as low as that.

I have only ever seen one copy of this single in my life. It was in a shop in Liverpool about 10 years ago, it wasn't in mint condition, and it was going for £80.

The B-side, You Do Something To Me, is also a good song, and was another rarity for years. Thankfully, both sides have now been revived as bonus tracks on the CD re-issue of the debut Kinks album.

10th Jul 2011
 Is the legend about this selling a ridiculously low amount - 2 or 300 copies really true? I do rather like the A side... far from their best and not really Kinks style but a pleasant enough pop ditty nevertheless.

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