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Artist:The Honeycombs
Label:  Pye
Catalogue:7N 15664
Date:Jun 1964
Chart Position:1
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Community:107 Own, 2 Want
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AThe HoneycombsHave I The Right?Howard BlaikleyAn R.G.M. Sound Production9.3  Rate
BThe HoneycombsPlease Don't Pretend AgainMeek, LawrenceAn R.G.M. Sound Production7.0  Rate


NME review Jun 26, 1964.


5th Oct 2014
 Just noticed that my copy of the Philips three-prong pressing has the O/T tax code plus a numeral "7" stamped onto the push-out centre (B-side). A bit odd?

Juke Jules
31st May 2014
 Like on Lonnie Mack's Why
Time for a 'list' of squeaky percussion...?

31st May 2014
 It's not a bird it's a squeaky bass drum pedal Joe left it in. H.

30th May 2014
 Did Joe Meek owe Howard & Blaikley from previous deals and this was a way of getting funds to them ? Or Meek astute that having Howard Blaikley as writer credits might increase sales?

Bird tweets I think were common depending on where the recording studios were ( if Meek's flat quite possible), but I hear no tweets.

30th May 2014
 Is it just me or is that a bird tweeting at the very end of the recording?

18th Feb 2014
 Roboleyton's scan attributes composers as Alan and Howard Blaikley as per the sheet music.

B side composed by Joe Meek and Derek Lawrence who went on to work with Deep Purple. This of course would produce the same publishing royalties as the A side. I wonder if any sheet music was printed.

5th Oct 2013
 A side label, with writers mis-print added (Albeit, a badly damaged label.) Geoff Goddard, actually took this to court, but was too shy to take the stand.

18th Aug 2013
 Some U.K. pressings used the "H. & A. Blaikley" songwriting credit on the A side as on U.S. and Canadian pressings; apparently such a variant hasn't as of this point made its way onto here.

17th Jul 2013
 Goddard certainly seemed to believe as much -- it was the cause of his terminal schism with Meek and his almost complete departure from the music biz.

17th Jul 2013
 Speculation that this song was actually a ballad written by Geoff Goddard, then stolen and turned into a 'foot stomper' by Howard and Blaikley. That's according to a Joe Meek docu I heard on Radio 2 about four years ago

18th Jun 2013
 I think 587185/87 are either Oriole or CBS pressed records

3rd Apr 2011

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