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Artist:Glenda Collins
Label:  Pye
Catalogue:7N 17150
Date:Jul 1966
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Community:4 Own, 3 Want
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AGlenda CollinsIt's Hard To Believe ItMeek8.8  Rate
BGlenda CollinsDon't Let It Rain On SundayMeek, Collett7.5  Rate


Disc And Music Echo review Jul 30, 1966.


31st Dec 2014
 As often seems to be the case here, I have a thing for the 'b'-side!

I didn't know about the album - is that where the unreleased tracks on the RPM CD were intended for, like 'Self Portrait'?

7th Nov 2011
 Glenda Collins - It's Hard To Believe It.

Before and after versions.



23rd Jun 2011
 This A side regularly tends to appear in Joe Meek fans top ten lists and deservedly so. Unfortunately, Meek had problems getting this released since Pye objected to his original lyrics fearing they were over political and objecting to sci fi elements contained within them. So this forced a re-write (Pye were also to force a rewrite on a forthcoming Riot Squad single which ended up being the last disc Joe would release in his lifetime.)

Despite the problems, the end result was absolutely wonderful. Meek once again throwing in as many tricks as possible and getting a brilliant emotive performance from Glenda to create an impressive spaced out piece of protest pop. Memories of "Telstar" come to mind here with the spacey sound effects which also bring the song to a memorable conclusion.

Though this was her final single, Glenda continued working with Joe since after this, she began work on an album backed by The Riot Squad. Sadly, the album was never completed and Joe's death put an end to it ever being finished.

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