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Artist:The Honeycombs
Label:  Pye
Catalogue:7N 17173
Date:23 Sep 1966
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Community:6 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe HoneycombsThat Loving FeelingBoydMeeksville SoundRate
BThe HoneycombsShould A Man CryMeekMeeksville SoundRate


9th May 2014
 The Last honeycombs A side

And a fine one at that being a bit more up to date in sound and feel than their last few singles. The B side is interesting as well.

A pity Joe Meek's death terminated the release of The Honeycombs' next single which was to have been the previously mentioned "(I Can Tell) Something's Up" which was a radical departure for them, being a very sophisticated soul ballad.

9th May 2014
 The Last honeycombs A side

27th Apr 2014
 Promo labels A & B sides without date of release.

29th Jul 2011
 The (Colin) Boyd who is mentioned as composer on the A-side, is in fact Colin Hare. He was a member for about a year and a half. Imagine a member of a group called the Honeycombs switching to another group that happens to be called Honeybus! By the way, he contributed one other composition, (I Can Tell) Something's Up, also under the name Boyd.

21st Jul 2010
 My copy came from a sale outside a house in Owton Manor, Hartlepool. There were only 5 singles on the table, 25p each. This was one, the others were by Ray Charles!! Unbelievably lucky.

21st Jul 2010
 Can't say I've ever seen one on E-Bay either, Strangely enough although its a UK pressing I actually purchased this one from a shop in New York.

9th Nov 2009
 I have this 45 yet my copy is the ONLY copy I've ever seen, never even spotted one on E-bay. "Should A Man Cry" is a fantastic song as well, great Joe Meek production ace harmonies and a strong song.

Seems VERY hard to find though...

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