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Artist:Petula Clark
Label:  Pye
Country:New Zealand
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Community:3 Own
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APetula ClarkThis Is My SongChaplin7.0  Rate
BPetula ClarkThe Show Is OverClark8.0  Rate


13th Apr 2012
 Yes I thought this might relate to a UK tax code and K/T would cover the 60s time frame that this single and three other NZ Pye singles on the database fall into. But then there are other NZ Pye singles from that era that don't have the K/T reference. Anyway, still curious, but thanks for your comment ColgatePing.

13th Apr 2012
 K/T was a UK tax code. Not sure why it would appear on a New Zealand single though

13th Apr 2012
 This single and a few other New Zealand Pye singles have the initials K/T on the top left of the label. Does anyone know what K/T refers to? A tax thing or a music publisher reference? or something else? Just curious to know.

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