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Artist:The Glass Menagerie
Label:  Pye
Catalogue:7N 17568
Date:28 Jun 1968
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Community:8 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Glass MenagerieYou Didn't Have To Be So NiceJohn Sebastian, Steve Boone7.5  Rate
BThe Glass MenagerieLet's All Run To The SunLou Stonebridge, Alan Kendall6.0  Rate


Comments and Reviews
Mikey Dread
3rd Jan 2019
 Promo release date 28/June/1968 (Friday), same date as already listed.

29th Jan 2016

17th Oct 2015
 z'zak: i really and truly do not know; it should have appealed about equally - and highly - to both aficionados of john sebastian (& boone) songs, and to lovers of sweet-sounding, harmless ditties (mentioning no t. blackburns here) amongst producers & djs on radio1-der-fool, and been given airtime & a chance twice over - but it just didn't make the r1 playlist.

10th Oct 2015

10th Oct 2015
 How come this didn't get much airplay? That would explain its lack of chart success. Since the Lovin' Spoonful's version hadn't been a hit in the UK, this could have given the Glass Menagerie that much-needed hit. It's the only Glass Menagerie single I actually managed to get, so maybe it sold a few more than their others, but it still didn't sell as many as it deserved to or else it would have been in the top 10, wouldn't it?

22nd Nov 2014
 Labels added to this Pop-Sike gem, a version of the Spoonful song, slowed down and arranged in the style of 'Reflections Of Charles Brown' by Rupert's People. Beautiful!

2nd Jan 2013
 a good version of the lovin' spoonful's song, that should've seen more airplay.

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