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Artist:Homer's Knods
Label:  Pye
Catalogue:7N 17731
Date:Apr 1969
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Community:2 Own, 2 Want
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AHomer's KnodsAll She Said Was GoodbyeA. R. Dunlop1.0  Rate
BHomer's KnodsMr. RainbowK. Hopkins, K. Burgess, M. Wirtz10.0  Rate

13th Apr 2016
 Thanks for your reply and information, bigtom. It's a shame that a single as good as this Homer's Knods one wasn't a hit in its home territory. If I remember rightly, it was you who said that another Irish band on Pye (Orange Machine) made the Top 20 in Ireland, so I thought if that one could do it, so could this one. Both are equally good and equally worthy of a Top 20 placement.

13th Apr 2016
 Sadly the answer is no it never troubled the charts back then.With regards to the charts we had just two official chart books the last being back in 1987.This covered the charts from its inception in October 62 to Dec 83. Known as The Larry Gogan Book Of Irish Hits.You can get all the charts up to date on the Net just look under Irish Chart Hits.My good friend the late Eddie Kelly did bring out a chart book in 2009 long since deleted.It covered the Irish Top 10 from Sept 1954 to Dec 1979.These charts were based on the Top 10 best selling records as published by The Evening Herald newspaper.

12th Apr 2016
 Did this single chart in Ireland, bigtom? I hope it did. I am interested in the charts of Ireland (and other countries) especially from the 50s through the 70s, and I do have a list of Irish Number One hits but nothing on other Irish chart singles that didn't go all the way.

I would like to think this fine single charted in the UK, but sadly it got nowhere here, despite the group's name (I like the word "knods") and a song co-written by Mark Wirtz and Keith Hopkins (aka Keith West) with the word "rainbow" in the title. Such a combination of brilliant talent and attractive words ought to attract people to buy it, but sadly this one was somehow overlooked. I was only 7 when it came out and I didn't hear it or see a copy that long ago, but I have known of its existence since 1988 (although I still have yet to find a copy for sale) from knowing one person who has a copy but understandably doesn't want to part with it.

Oddly, the early editions of the Guinness Book of British Hit Singles erroneously listed another single by an Irish artist with the number of this single (7N 17731). If you have one of those books you will notice that they gave that number to Joe Dolan's UK #3 hit "Make Me An Island" instead of the obviously correct 7N 17738 which is quite clearly printed on the label of that single. I don't know how that particular mix-up occurred, but whatever the reason, this single deserved to do as well chartwise as that Joe Dolan one. So why wasn't it a hit?

23rd Sep 2010
 Here i was thinking that they changed the title to Mr Rainbow as the original would have been a bit risque for Ireland back in the late 60s.Could not imagine a song called Hallucinations getting much airplay.The band from Wicklow were a trio mostly in the folk vein.

23rd Sep 2010
 "Mr Rainbow" is a reworking of "Hallucinations" by Tomorrow, as is this one by Steve Flynn R 5625.

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