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Artist:Homer's Knods
Label:  Pye
Catalogue:7N 17731
Date:Apr 1969
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Community:2 Own
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AHomer's KnodsAll She Said Was GoodbyeA. R. DunlopRate
BHomer's KnodsMr. RainbowK. Hopkins, K. Burgess, M. WirtzRate

23rd Sep 2010
 Here i was thinking that they changed the title to Mr Rainbow as the original would have been a bit risque for Ireland back in the late 60s.Could not imagine a song called Hallucinations getting much airplay.The band from Wicklow were a trio mostly in the folk vein.

23rd Sep 2010
 "Mr Rainbow" is a reworking of "Hallucinations" by Tomorrow, as is this one by Steve Flynn R 5625.

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