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Artist:Donovan and Jeff Beck Group
Label:  Pye
Catalogue:7N 17778
Date:27 Jun 1969
Chart Position:12
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Community:24 Own, 1 Wants
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ADonovan and Jeff Beck GroupGoo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)D. LeitchMickie Most8.0  Rate
BDonovan and Jeff Beck GroupBed With MeD. LeitchMickie MostRate


First pressings credit the A-side as Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot) which was subsequently shortened to just Barabajagal

The B-side was originally entitled Bed With Me and then changed to the less risqué Trudi but it IS the same song.


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7th Sep 2011
 "Clipped intro"??
I can't remember a clipped intro.
I just played the Japanese CD from 1988, the remastered from 2005, and even dragged my U.S. vinyl LP out and they all have the same intro.
Just Jeff hitting what seems like a very clean note.
Is there an acoustic strum or hi hat bit before that that I don't know about?

Ade Macrow
2nd Sep 2011
 I'll dig my (many) pressings of this single out and do a bit of research. (No hardship - I love this kinda detail...). I'll also check out my CDs and see if there's an 'unclipped first note' cut in stereo.

1st Sep 2011
 You just reminded me... is the A side available in stereo WITHOUT the clipped intro? I've had it on 2 CD's and both of them clipped the very first note which was really irritating.

1st Sep 2011
 I can remember the extra few seconds, and also a much fatter sound, with the original single. The album came out and it was stereo, so I didn't worry too much attention to losing a couple of seconds. However, being as anally retentive as I am I recently tracked down a few 45 versions but for some reason I haven't located the pressing with the extra couple of seconds :-/
I can also remember at the very end of all this what seemed like a half second of another song, Where's that bloody single when I need it!
Ade.....any clues?

Ade Macrow
29th Aug 2011
 Although not stated on the single 'Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)' was actually remixed from the USA only album title track and is also a few seconds longer than its album counterpart.

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