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Label:  Pye International
Catalogue:7N 25020
Date:Jun 1959
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Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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AHot-ToddysRockin' CricketsTodaro, ShannonRate
BHot-ToddysShakin' And Stompin'John LittleRate


A side features Bill Pernell
B side features Big John


10th Sep 2014
 great Rocker vocal & the itchy instro B side rocks too
Later unoffically 'reissued' on Duke as the Bubbles instro got mispressed

Billy Two
30th Jul 2012
 Yup, it's Shan-Todd. I used to also have a Shan-Todd pressing and a Pye white label of this, but cleared them out a few years ago in a since regretted cull of duplicate tracks.

I've just dug this out and spent the last 30 mins rescanning and tampering with the colour to see if I can get a clearer image, but the text is still hopelessly illegible. Sorry !

mickey rat
29th Jul 2012
 I'm 100% sure my original U.K. Pye-International copy (now long gone) had "Shan-Todd" on the labels. I remember it because at the time I was slowly getting my head around the names of all those mysterious "recorded by" U.S. names on the British releases. "Shan-Todd" was an odd one because it didn't turn up on any other U.K. releases. It took me awhile to realise the (obvious) connection with the writers (also printed on the label) Shannon & Todaro.

Juke Jules
29th Jul 2012
 What's the 'recording' credit on this Pye release?

17th Jul 2012
 It was used as the theme tune by a Perth (Oz) radio station for "Australian Top 40". I phoned the station to find out what the record was and promptly went to the record shop to get a copy, and after 53 years it's still a top instrumental.

17th Jul 2012
 I am STILL lovin this record. Re-released in 1963 as by The Rockin’ Rebels it STILL sounds great!

mickey rat
17th Jul 2012
 Funny how some really bad records endure and others don't and how our individual perceptions differ. I bought this sucker when I was 15 (in 1959) and loved it at the time. I played it last year for the first time in many years and hated it, really hated it! And yet, I still love the likes of Rosie & The Originals' "Give Me Love" and The Wailers' "Dirty Robber", both really really amateurish, but both classic garage tracks IMO.

17th Jul 2012
 Man I love this record, especially the flip that I just mentioned in another post. Great Chuck Berry intro followed by delightfully square vocal by Big John and muted tenor sax. Written by John Little. Hmm.. as my brain ticks slowly I wonder if there's any connection.

Yes, it's Big John Little and under this name he had a couple of LPs and a career that only ended very recently. If you don't know it the whole fascinating story is here:


18th Feb 2011
 Many thanks Davie.

davie gordon
17th Feb 2011
 US release was on Shan-Todd 0056 (Feb. 1959) - also issued as Corsican 0056. The Shan-Todd label seems to have changed its name to Corsican
- this is the only release I know of released on both labels.

17th Feb 2011
 What was the US source? I cannot read it on the record.

Billy Two
22nd Sep 2010
 Yup, apologies for the low quality scan. I spent ages messing around with contrast/brightness, but this really was the best I could do !! The gold writing has faded quite a bit, though the vinyl itself doesn't appear to have been so heavily used...


22nd Sep 2010
 Pye International's early labels were a catastrophe....they havent stood the test of time as they were prone to wear badly.and nowadays look like crap.
If you find the odd one in decent condition,all the text has faded so badly.that you can hardly read anything anymore.
On the other hand,someone once said that 45's were never expected to be of interest for more than a couple of months..who could have forseen that 50 years in the future someone would be poring over them and discussing their finer points???????+

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