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Record Details

Artist:Mungo Jerry
Label:  Dawn
Catalogue:7N 2505
Date:Jan 1971
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Community:9 Own
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19th Feb 2015

Neil Forbes
19th Feb 2015
 I had an Aussie issue of this, would be scouting about for new replacement copy! Great track, what a cryin' shame it didn't "click" with NSW record-buyers, got radio exposure, but alas no chart action...awww!

bill mann
19th Feb 2015
 Topside always reminded me of 'Brand new Cadillac' by Vince Taylor, dunno why but there you are !

19th Feb 2015
 As I commented on the proper version:

Not only is it unusual because of its speed but it is also a rarity in that, even though it is quite obviously a rock record, there are no drums on it whatsoever!


Although the posted 2001 version clearly does!

19th Feb 2015
 OK try a live version 2001


17th Feb 2015
 Deliberately so I would say... :wink:

17th Feb 2015
 Got to be one of the most poorly recorded songs ever. The quality is "bad".

18th Oct 2013
 Complete and intact 4 prong dinked label scans added - with a respectful nod to TheJudge for his original scans.

26th Dec 2011
 Thanks MH, I knew I'd seen something about it around here somewhere.

26th Dec 2011
 See "In The Summertime"..this will explain.

26th Dec 2011
 Thanks OB. I can't even blame the Christmas sherry for that one! Fixed now.

Oakley Boys
26th Dec 2011
 Surely this is the Dawn label and not Pye? (yes I know it's got a Pye number but Warners and CBS let other labels use their numbering schemes)

26th Dec 2011
 Would I be right in thinking that this would be the juke-box issue of DNX 2505? In which case, why does it look as if it has been pressed with a four-prong centre which has then been pushed out?

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