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Artist:The Kingsmen
Label:  Pye International
Catalogue:7N 25231
Date:Dec 1963
Chart Position:26
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Community:43 Own, 4 Want
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AThe KingsmenLouie LouieRichard Berry9.9  Rate
BThe KingsmenHaunted CastleLynn Easton7.5  Rate


18th Jan 2014
 This was the original issue of the Wailers' version. The band's name could just not be used, because they were still under contract to their previous label, Golden Crest.

Juke Jules
18th Jan 2014
 819, about 36 years later..?

18th Jan 2014
 Version of what Wailers song?

carey jeggs
18th Jan 2014
 This record shows how unimportant originality can sometimes be.It's a cover of a cover,being an almost note for note imitation of The Wailers' version,yet it still manages to be a great record.

Juke Jules
17th Jan 2014
 I really enjoyed Ely's well-remembered rendition with perfect pitch; he captures the essence of their cover.
RD, I'd link to 45-321 for the Richard Berry original ;-)

16th Jan 2014
 Anyone played the flip "Haunted Castle"? Great instrumental. Also so is the original by Richard Berry.


carey jeggs
16th Jan 2014
 The 'guitar' solo is particularly good on this version.


26th May 2013
 I did'nt know that, but wasn't there another drumming mistake just after the guitar solo too? it was left in after playback due to it sounding good or they didn't have enough studio time to do another take or something...

or maybe the dropping drum stick is the same thing VinylSid

I will have to take a listen to see if the mistake is the same...

Juke Jules
23rd May 2013
 Really? I bet not many knew that!

19th May 2013
 Drummer Lynn Easton's claim to fame is shouting "fuck!" at 0:56 after dropping a stick. Go on, give it a listen!

24th Apr 2013
 And the 2nd wave of UK Mods in the late 70s early 80s were into this and I remember from 80s Mod discos at the Outrigger in Birmingham hearing the Count Five, Castaways and ? and the Mysterians

24th Apr 2013
 YankeeDisc... you are quite right. A lot of the early ATLANTIC (STAX) and TAMLA stuff, not forgetting the early PAMA/SKA.stuff was also first played in MOD clubs. Where's that Time Machine...............

24th Apr 2013
 Louie Louie

.....first one outta here..........LET'S GO !!!

Also a big Mod classic gino.....I was there, and looking at the pictures on this video, they are all of the second coming of the Mod movement (wannabes), the give away being that the scooterists had to wear crash helmets after the '60s I believe.
I and my 'crew' never wore crash helmets whilst riding our Lambretta's and Vespa's, as they were not required by law during mid-late 1960's, instead we wore navy blue berets, obtained from Dunn & Co., a gentleman's outfitters.
Some berets were adorned with small indeterminate badges, rather like those worn by Parachute Regiment, Royal Marines Commandos and the like on their berets, although I wore my beret plain.
Also, because of the British weather, you were likely to get wet quite often, so I also wore with my pre-requisite water proofed US Army Parka and lining, sometimes a trilby hat that my father gave me, with the brim turned up and fixed, otherwise the wind would turn it down over your eyes, not a good look.....

Some original Mods from '64, in various trilbys, a flat cap, and a wooly hat, very uncool.

24th Apr 2013
 Top, top, top track. A must for any serious collector of 60s rock/punk/garage.

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