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Record Details

Artist:Dionne Warwick
Label:  Pye International
Catalogue:7N 25234
Date:Feb 1964
Chart Position:42
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Community:8 Own
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ADionne WarwickAnyone Who Had A HeartH. David, B. BacharachBurt Bacharach9.0  Rate
BDionne WarwickThe Love Of A BoyH. David, B. BacharachBurt Bacharach9.0  Rate


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28th Dec 2015

25th Dec 2015
 I guess they always looked pinky, but the word can be misleading, as it's a very pale pink, not the familiar "Pye pink". Here's an example.

25th Dec 2015
 Some of those white promos do end up looking pinky.

Dr Doom
17th Apr 2013
 Hi C Wilkinson,
Before you bombard us with valuation questions...
These two sites may be what you are looking for...
Hope that's of some help to you

17th Apr 2013
 Pink label promo? Never seen one. Seen many White PYE Int promos but never Pink?

C Wilkinson
17th Apr 2013
 Have this on advance promo pink label pye international. 7N.25234
What should I be asking for it? £££ ?

carey jeggs
24th Apr 2012
 It's a measure of Hal David's perfectionism that he wasn't satisfied with the lyrics of Anyone Who Had A Heart. He disliked the stress on the word 'of ' in the second line,which he thought sounded clunky and unnatural.I hadn't noticed until he pointed it out.

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