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Artist:Howlin' Wolf
Label:  Pye International
Catalogue:7N 25244
Date:May 1964
Chart Position:42
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Community:27 Own, 1 Wants
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AHowlin' WolfSmokestack Lightnin'C. Burnett9.0  Rate
BHowlin' WolfGoing Down SouthSt. Louis Jimmy9.0  Rate


15th Dec 2016
 added the "Going Down Slow" B side, that copy on ebay now

5th Dec 2016
 According to a Pye International promo leaflet I recently obtained, the correct title is "Going Down Slow", image submitted.

2nd Dec 2016
 Going Down Slow does exist on Stock Copies, on thinner vinyl than usual, could be a later press if on red-yellow still

2nd Dec 2016
 The correct St Louis Jimmy title is "Goin' Down Slow". Here is Howlin' Wolf backing me up....

8th Mar 2016
 I have a White Label Advance Promotion Copy. Going Down Slow on B side.

6th Apr 2011
 The BMI register list this song as "Going down slow" other titles on Pye's labels must be typos

6th Apr 2011
 I've had a copy of this record for 40 years. Mine definitely says "Going Down Slow" (St. Louis Jimmy) and that's all folks. Everything else is the same. No reference to anything else. Cost my sister a lot of money even in the late 60's apparently.

bill mann
23rd Nov 2010
 Wrong again ! ! ! A knowlegeable pal of mine tells me he has seen copies of this record with the correct title, ie 'Going down slow'.
These copies command higher prices on ebay than normal ones.

bill mann
17th Nov 2010
 I think all of 'em are 'Going down south' , never seen one any different.
This is an edited take. the full unedited version only appears to be on a US Box set 'The Chess Blues box' or similarly titled, 4 CDs in a long box.This is a great set, well worth looking out for !

Rotatey Diskers
18th Aug 2010
 So does mine. Changed!

18th Aug 2010
 My copy has Going Down Slow, credited as Going Down South

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