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Artist:Canned Heat
Label:  Pye International
Catalogue:7N 25513
Date:6 Feb 1970
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Community:8 Own, 3 Want
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ACanned HeatSpoonfulW. Dixon8.5  Rate
BCanned HeatBig Road BluesHite, Wilson, Taylor, Vestine, Cook10.0  Rate


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Deepinder Cheema
22nd Feb 2014
 Indeed as well as Dawn acts like Trader Horne having a US release

21st Feb 2014
 Janus was originally part-funded by Pye UK, which explains how these got to Pye International (as well as why Mungo Jerry came out on Janus in the US).

21st Feb 2014
 Yep!!..JO sold the stuff,previously unissued, to Janus.Some good tracks,too.Just why the band would deny any connection to them is debatable.Nothing there to be ashamed of.

davie gordon
21st Feb 2014
 The Janus label wasn't formed until 1969 so Canned Heat couldn't have been signed to them prior to joining Liberty. Their Janus album "Vintage Heat" gives no clues to the origins of
these tracks .. all it gives are titles and publisher credits. The album had ten tracks, 7 published
by Arc Music, all old Chess standards, one from Conrad Music (John Lee Hooker's "Dimples")
the remaining two were credited to Johnny Otis' Eldorado Music. Maybe the album's made up
of demos sold to Janus by Johnny Otis.

late addition :
"Johnny Otis produced the group’s first full-length album in 1966. It featured Hite, Wilson, Cook, Vestine, and Brotman in his studio off of Vine Street in Los Angeles. The record was not actually released until 1970; and “Vintage Heat” as it was titled, has since become the most re-packaged and bootlegged record in Canned Heat’s discography. Otis ran the board for two versions of “Rollin’ And Tumblin’” (with & without harmonica), “Spoonful” by Willie Dixon, and “Louise” by John Lee Hooker. "
from the group biog. at http://www.cannedheatmusic.com/bio.htm


21st Feb 2014
 After the success of "On The Road Again",the usual practice of Record companies dredging up old,unsuccessful stuff was applied.Apparently,the band had had a contract with Janus prior to Liberty,but met with no success.To cash in on the band becoming successful,Janus issued their old tracks.The band may have denied being the same "Canned Heat" as the Janus band,but the fact that they were still performing the same songs / material in the same style with the same sound didn't help their credibility here.

21st Feb 2014
 canned heat denied any connexion with - and all knowledge of - these tracks in 1970; i do not know any more of the story behind this release (and the lp) than that.

19th Feb 2012
 good version, but no touch on The Rats '65 version!!!!

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