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Record Details

Artist:Mike Reid
Label:  Pye
Catalogue:7N 45434
Date:7 Feb 1975
Chart Position:10
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:40 Own, 2 Want
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AMike ReidThe Ugly DucklingLoesserTerry BrownKenny Woodman6.2  Rate
BMike ReidYour Kind Of LoveA. Brown, P. MurrayTerry BrownKenny Woodman6.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 560.


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3rd May 2015
 added a better 4-prong centre image of the B side

Plus an image to try and illustrate how much light shines through a supposedly black vinyl record - although difficult to tell from my scan - the vinyl is a dark purple/red colour - as are many Pye issues from the same period

Michael Earith
8th Dec 2012
 I would have thought that they may have re-issued THE UGLY DUCKLING following his death five
years ago?

Was it ever issued in continental Europe?

20th Aug 2012
 Yeh! no argument, your right of course, can't dispute anything you wrote, completely true statement.
But! but! but!.... It's mine now, no one else can have it, you can't rip it from my sticky little fingers, it's all mine forever.........

20th Aug 2012
 Do the decent thing and bring it straight back.

20th Aug 2012
 Me? I bought an LP in a charity shop, got it home to clean it and look what should fall from the inner liner?

14th May 2012
 over 20,000 people have clicked on this video.


13th May 2012

13th May 2012

13th May 2012

13th May 2012

12th May 2012
 Don't do it, Ping! :-)

12th May 2012
 Hard to believe this reached number 10 in the charts .... really must give it another airing

carey jeggs
20th Jan 2012
 Or as Mike Reid would have pronounced it 'Braaaaaaahn' like the colour of the bird's 'fevvers'.

20th Jan 2012
 Added B side label variant, composer credit just "A Brown" rather than "A Brown/P Murray".

7th Apr 2010
 O.K. own up, who sneaked this into my collection while i wasn't looking ? ;-)

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