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Record Details

Artist:The Tweets
Label:  PRT
Catalogue:7P 219
Date:Sep 1981
Chart Position:2
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:49 Own
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AThe TweetsBirdie Song (Birdie Dance)W. Thomas, F. RendallHenry Hadaway6.0  Rate
BThe TweetsMellow TerrainJon LennoxHenry Hadaway4.0  Rate


Juke Jules
31st Jan 2014
 Cash And Carry With Bobby Setter And Co. seem to have done little else ;-)

13th Jan 2014
 Coringhamlad. You are Smack on and here It Is. H.


12th Jan 2014
 The question then is, at what point did "Records and" begin to be inserted into the Precision Tapes, Ltd. name?

12th Jan 2014
 Wasn't this tune also released by Cash And Carry With Bobby Setter And Co. as 'Tchip Tchip' in 1974?
I'm sure I have a copy of it on EMI.

12th Jan 2014
 As someone who was in retail and wholesale of tapes during the 1970s, I remember the awful coloured plastic used by Precision Tapes Ltd., an army green............

Examples of an 8-track cartridge HERE and also HERE on the Spark Label, issued 1971, Catalogue number: Y8S 105.

A link to a 1973 cassette by Precision from a Pye International release ZCPT 1002 HERE.

All of Elton John's cassettes/8-tracks on DJM Records were available, manufactured by Precision, and they also duplicated tapes for WEA as well as other record companies.
To my knowledge most Precision Tapes catalogue numbers started with a Z or Y prefix, but don't get me started, I really don't care.

12th Jan 2014
 wbidl: thanks - some of those details i didn't know. yes, atv/pye records didn't distribute their own cassette versions of their lps, leaving that to precision even when they did distribute their own (& group) lps, eps & singles.

12th Jan 2014
 The 'PRT' name, I.I.N.M., was also descended from Precision Tapes, founded in 1969 as part of the short-lived partnership between Pye and U.S.-based GRT (General Recorded Tape) Corporation from which the U.S. Janus label had also been started. Precision was set up originally as a tape-duplication facility (such as 8-tracks and cassettes - probably also reel-to-reel, though I can't say for sure) in Britain (and apparently had evolved into the distribution arm whose name became that of the label post-1980). When the GRT / Pye partnership ended in early 1971, GRT gained 100% control of Janus - and Pye ended up keeping Precision.

12th Jan 2014
 david m. mckee: which was already the name of the erstwhile atv-owned pye records' distribution arm, and had been for quite some time (iirc). strangely, the already-closed-by-then, rather unsuccessful subsidiary label, piccadilly, got revived by a later owner - albeit only briefly. (weird and wonderful are the ways of major music conglomerates, and it is unwise to attempt to discern sense or logic in them...)

David M. McKee
12th Jan 2014
 When the rights to the name Pye expired in 1980, the label changed its name to PRT, which stood for Precision Records and Tapes.

12th Jan 2014
 ColgatePing, how dare you, PRT stands for Preferred Royalty Track for your information!

12th Jan 2014

B Side: Mellow Terrain - OK too, but not as good as A side!

12th Jan 2014

A Side: Birdie Song (Birdie Dance) - nice polka and I know this tune from elsewhere!?

Michael Earith
11th Jan 2014
 Someone Suggesting That PRT Is An Acronym Of "Pile of Rubbish or Trash?
Well I Don't Think So Because I Have Just Given It A 10/10 Rating And Might
Add It To My iPod 80s Collection Sometime.

31st Aug 2013
 A 3rd. version in the Dead wax has "tone" on the A side only.

5th Oct 2012
 Also a large holed version that shows in the dead wax : Both sides "Damont" (Audio Ltd).

5th Sep 2012
 Dead wax: (record scans 1 & 2) A side only "tone", Both sides "Damont" (Audio Ltd).

4th Jul 2012
 The Original version of this had a Picture Sleeve with a lady sitting with a Accordian on her knee Anyone got this one. Must have been spanish Original version bought over there at the time. A good 2 months before this came around.

31st May 2012
 Added another label variant with group name at top.

20th Jan 2012
 Sorry, I'm too "shellfish" to tell you, but I might "Tweet" the answer later. LOL

20th Jan 2012
 What gauge of shell did you use, S-R-W? ;)

20th Jan 2012
 I also have a large holed version of scans 1&2.

The Toad
28th Nov 2011
 Scans of French-pressed injection moulded single added. I'm not gone on either of these tracks - it sounds as though the 'A' and 'B' sides were done by completely different bands, by the way - but I bought the album in a charity shop and actually enjoyed bits of it.

21st Sep 2010
 Not only was this song a complete waste of a pressing run but to put the cherry on the cake the nasty PRT logo appeared on the label. Booooo

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