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Artist:Γρηγ Μπιθικωτσης & Ρια Κουρτη
Label:  His Master's Voice
Catalogue:7PG 3317
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:1 Owns
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AΓρηγ Μπιθικωτσης & Ρια ΚουρτηΒαρκα Στο ΓιαλοΜ. ΘεοδωρακηςRate
BΓρηγ Μπιθικωτσης & ΧρηστακηςΤο Φεγγαρι Κανει ΒολταΜ. ΘεοδωρακηςRate


24th Apr 2012
 ... and the artist's first name here is Grigoris - Γρηγόρης is shortened to Γρηγ for the label. By the way, online translators can be spectacularly bad at translating a language like Greek, for reasons I won't go into here.

24th Apr 2012
 Changed to mixed-case. Artist's surname is Bithikotsis.

24th Apr 2012
 This is Grig Mitithikotsis and Ria Kourti on one side and Grig is joined by Christakis on the other. The songs are, according to Google Translate. "A boat in Yialos" and "Doing the moon walk". The beautiful coloured vinyl deserved a scan all of its own.


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