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Artist:George Harrison
Label:  Capitol / gno
Catalogue:7PRO 15930
Date:14 Jan 2001
Format:Promo Only 7"
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:9 Own, 1 Wants
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AGeorge HarrisonMy Sweet LordGeorge HarrisonGeorge Harrison, Phil Spector10.0  Rate
BGeorge HarrisonMy Sweet Lord (2000)George Harrison10.0  Rate


A promo 45 to promote the January 2001 release of the digitally remastered album All Things Must Pass, which includes some bonus tracks.

Although EMI licensed the tracks from George, the 2001 release of the album was not on Apple Records but on gno Records. Thus the gno logo on this promo 45 - the OM sign forms the "O".

The B Side track, My Sweet Lord 2000, is a new recording. Sam Brown sings backing vocals with George taking most of the lead (Sam takes over lead vocal towards the end of the track), and most of the other instruments from the original version have been replaced. Dhani Harrison overdubbed acoustic guitar on the track, which features some soulful vocals from George as well as a new slide guitar signature and some "crowd noises" at the end.

The photo on the back sleeve is a retaken version of the photo in the doorway originally included as a poster with the 3 disc vinyl release. You can see the original photo on the window sill behind George.


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12th Aug 2012
 Hooray, I've eventually tracked down a copy of this - with thanks to Christopher Brindley in Los Angeles, California.

With acknowledgment to johnblaney, clearer and larger scans now uploaded, and full notes added.

Does gno records exist? I doubt it. The logo was used specifically for the release of the 2001 remaster of the album All Things Must Pass, on this promo 45 and on the CD single. I suggest this is George having a bit of fun. gno = gn + the universal "Om" symbol and then add "e" and you get gnome, several of which are featured on the front cover of the album.

My Sweet Lord (2000 version) - this version is growing on me.


1st May 2012
 Nicely said!

12th Jan 2012
 I'm not aware of a UK (or any other territory) equivalent 45 on Parlophone.

In UK we only had the January 2002 Parlophone CD, cat # CDR 6571 (My Sweet Lord/Let It Down/My Sweet Lord (2000)) released as a tribute to George after his death in November 2001 [Edited by JPGR&B on 4 Jan 13].

I would love a copy of this US release though!

11th Jan 2012
 Was there a UK equivilant of this on Parlophone? Note that the US release of MSL was almost a year before the UK release and the UK B side changed.

You can see by the picture of George at Friar Park how ill and gaunt he really was. One can not help but think the attack and intrusion on Oliva and himself did not help his health.

MSL is an outstanding epic and it is quite sinister that the new copyright owner of He's So Fine happened to be Alan Klein or, to be correct, the sacked, concert for Bangladesh gaffes and disliked Alan Klein, who again made a killing once George had been taken to the cleaners, sued and made to pay a hefty settlement.

Through this all George still smiled and carried on. The recent comissioned BBC Arena film says it all.

This is a nice record to have and little piece of history to keep, and so beautifully complements the re-mastered and up-dated album.

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