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Artist:Chubby Checker
Label:  Parkway
Catalogue:811 / P811
Date:Jun 1960
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Community:56 Own, 1 Wants
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AChubby CheckerThe TwistHank BallardRate
BChubby CheckerTootKal MannRate


BB June 27, 1960


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25th Jul 2015
 Respectfully added cleaner 1st press white label scans.

25th Jul 2015
 Upgraded scans added. Nod to vidman45.

20th Mar 2015

1st Jul 2012
 Twistin' USA was the B-side when The Twist was re-issued in late 1961 and climbed all the way back to #1.....John

1st Jul 2012
 My copy is on the yellow and orange label with Parkway in white at the top. Same 811 number, but changed b-side to "Twistin USA" the b-side number is 811C instead of 811B. perhaps this 2nd version came out later to capitalize on "surfing USA"

10th Jun 2012
 No, Dick Clark said "The hottest dance sensation in the last four years"...(I guess meaning since "Rock n' Roll" started to take over the charts since 1956)...John

10th Jun 2012
 Thought the announcer said craze had been around for 4 years , did I mis-hear ?

10th Jun 2012
 This is from 1960!, from the prime-time "Dick Clark Beech-Nut Show" (it ran from 1958 to 1960, and was shot/aired from New York on Saturdays, and had a "theatre/stage" look)...American Bandstand was shot/aired from Philadelphia (up to 1964, then on to Los Angeles) and had a "dancefloor"/cramped look (think "Ready Steady Go" where sometimes the audience was almost on top of the artists)....John

9th Jun 2012
Probably from 1964 , any re-issue or EP from that time ?

29th Feb 2012
 Rare Variation scans originally posted by Genes_Oldies, The Whitburn Project.

4th Jan 2012
 Also issued on the more familiar yellow and orange Parkway label with "Toot" as the B-side.

7th Dec 2011
 leonard - you're right in that there is no difference in the labels other than the condition. The policy on the site is that if a better/cleaner/complete scan is available then users are encouraged to upload the newer scan. The old scans will not be deleted unless there is a request from the original poster to do so. What a Mod can do is "hide" the old image (like I have done).

7th Dec 2011
 Don't see any difference in these two label sets, except the writing on the label of course....:)

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