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Artist:The Velvet Underground Feat. Lou Reed
Label:  Atlantic
Date:21 Apr 2012
Format:Special Edition 7"
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Community:7 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Velvet Underground Feat. Lou ReedSweet JaneVelvet UndergroundGeoffrey Haslam, Shel Kagan, Velvet UndergroundRate
BThe Velvet Underground Feat. Lou ReedRock And RollVelvet UndergroundGeoffrey Haslam, Shel Kagan, Velvet UndergroundRate


Released as part of the 21012 Record Store Day


22nd Apr 2012
 "On a nitpicky note - I hate the numbering of this release - those long Euro-numbers really hack me off." - I guess it's a case of "Blame it on the Barcode", telegramsam - or perhaps the EAN (to put it less catchily). I'm inclined to find the 7 quid more disturbing on balance.

22nd Apr 2012
 One of the nicer releases on 7" from yesterday's Record Store Day. I know that the artist title is abbreviated, but this is how it appears on the sleeve and label. I will add a link to the original UK release.
On the quality issues raised yesterday by many catters on the rather naff Respect release - this one is a lot better. It's a standard Euro-pressing, but I have listed it as UK for want of anything more logical to put. Mods, please adjust this if you think it should be otherwise?
On a nitpicky note - I hate the numbering of this release - those long Euro-numbers really hack me off. I do wish the releasers would have a bit more imagination sometimes. The label is shiny and smaller than the area available on the 45 (I don't like that either personally). The sleeve is made out of thin cardboard, a lot better than the plastic things that many of us will have to replace with paper to stop the ruination of the discs.
All in all this is a nice release - though at seven quid I think it is pushing it a bit for value.

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