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Artist:Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels
Label:  New Voice
Catalogue:820 / N V 820
Date:Jan 1967
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:41 Own, 1 Wants
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AMitch Ryder And The Detroit WheelsSock It To Me - Baby!B. Crewe, L. BrownBob CreweBob Crewe7.0  Rate
BMitch Ryder And The Detroit WheelsI Never Had It BetterBob CreweBob CreweBob Crewe8.0  Rate


BB Jan 28, 1967

a) 7022
b) 7023


31st Jan 2016
 ∆64831 Sock It To Me - Baby
∆64831-X I Never Had It Better

15th Sep 2014
 Are the labels here shown in the correct order? There are two blue labels at the end of the line that appear to be out of place.

20th Apr 2014

20th Apr 2014

davie gordon
17th Dec 2013
 Scan of the promo of the "clean" version added .. the matrix number is 7022-R
I think this warrants a separate entry as I'd guess most of the stock copies sold during the
record's chart run were of the revised version.
The 820 / NV 820 different cat. numbers is probably just down to different pressing plants
.. i.e. only the matrix number, not the cat. number, will tell you which version is which.

23rd Mar 2013
 The LP is a great find. Doesn't turn up every day and has some killer tracks on it. "I'd Rather Go To Jail" is one of the most amazing tunes to ever get pressed into a piece of plastic.

3rd Feb 2013
 That sleeve was also used (with the slight change of title) on their LP "Sock It To Me!"

3rd Feb 2013
 Here's a copy of the picture sleeve. It came with a copy of the record with the blue label (NV 820).

25th Nov 2012
 The copy of this which I bought on my recent trip to Chicago becomes my 5000th 45. Well, apart from the stack which I still have by the side of my desk of singles which still need adding to the database.

(Also picked up this on the same trip; I don't normally collect LPs but I couldn't bear to leave a nice 79c copy of this sitting in the Salvation Army thrift shop among the dime-store gospel and Lawrence Welk albums...)

12th Dec 2011

Orbiting Cat
12th Dec 2011
 In cases like this, the alternative cat# can be noted in the notes, so that searching for either 820 or N V 820 will find this record.

12th Dec 2011
 They're both the same record...just different pressing plants...the prefixxes are added by the presssing plants and technically not part of the catalogue number, (It's gets confusing, and has been a point of many a debate since 45cat started adding US singles)...I would leave it here, for now (forever?)...John

12th Dec 2011
 My green/yellow/blue has the matrix '7022' but no 'B', and says "Every time you kiss me, feel like a punch". It's mono. It sounds much messier than the stereo version on my "All Mitch Ryder Hits" compilation LP, for instance (which says "hit me like a punch").

If the single has the re-recorded version, I wonder if he was being deliberately cantankerous about it, cos it sounds like he's saying 'puck': the 'p' is very distinct - it even pops - and "feel like a... " would more quickly suggest a "fuck" than would "hits me like a...".

11th Dec 2011
 Now we need to know about the same line on the green/yellow/blue label and what the matrix# on that is. You still there, VinnyG?

11th Dec 2011
 Thanks, I didn't know that! Just played my blue-label copy again and indeed, that word in the first verse does not sound like "punch", but something else... and he's not mumbling it.
FWIW, in the run-out I see a "7022" and a stamped "B".

11th Dec 2011
 There were indeed two versions of "Sock It To Me Baby".
Mitch Ryder had to re-record the first verse, as the sentence "Every time you kiss me, it hits me like a punch" sounded to radio programmers too much like "Hits me like a f**k" and refused to play the record on air.
The record was hastily pulled and replaced with the new edit.

11th Dec 2011
 Two questions here:

1) The blue-label scans show the cat# as NV 820. Do we keep them here, or float them off into a new entry?

2) Perhaps linked with this, the info at this link suggests that there may have been two different recordings of this track. Perhaps this accounts for the cat# change. Can anyone enlighten us?

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