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Artist:Johnny Paycheck
Label:  Epic
Date:Oct 1977
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Community:17 Own
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AJohnny PaycheckTake This Job And Shove ItD.A. CoeBilly Sherrill10.0  Rate
BJohnny PaycheckColorado Kool-AidP. ThomasBilly SherrillRate


3rd Jun 2012
 My "Kool-Aid" copy has ZSS163798-1A preceeded by a T and followed by T1

2nd Jun 2012
 My "Cool-Aid" copy has "ZSS-163798-1E" scratched in the deadwax.

2nd Jun 2012
 I wonder if General Foods (now Kraft), then parent company of Kool-Aid had something to do with the switch. But this would be nothing compared to a much worse association Kool-Aid had about a year later.

The odd thing is that the singer is actually referring to Coors.

2nd Jun 2012
 I think that one way to find out is, what are the lacquer numbers on the deadwax of each copy (to wit, the lacquer numbers on the "Cool-Aid" copy and those on the "Kool-Aid" copy), that'll tell you what'd be the first pressing and what'd be the second.

2nd Jun 2012
 I think someone at Radio 2 reads this website - I heard Graham Norton play this today....

2nd Jun 2012
 Added labels with B-side title spelled "Colorado Cool-Aid" with a "C".

W.B.lbl, do you have any info on this difference in spelling?

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