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Artist:Wet Wet Wet
Label:  The Precious Organisation / Mercury
Catalogue:870 563-7
Date:Nov 1988
Format:Double Pack
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:10 Own
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AWet Wet WetSweet Little MysteryClark, Cunningham, Martyn, Mitchell, PellowMichael Baker, Axel Kroll10.0  Rate
BWet Wet WetI Can Give You EverythingClark, Mitchell, Cunningham, PellowMichael Baker, Axel Kroll10.0  Rate
CWet Wet WetSweet Little Mystery [The Memphis Sessions]Clark, Cunningham, Martyn, Mitchell, PellowWillie Mitchell10.0  Rate
DWet Wet WetHeaven Help Us All [The Memphis Sessions]Ron MillerWillie Mitchell10.0  Rate


Gatefold sleeve with 8 page booklet


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31st Dec 2014
 ...and we have a version of the first disc as a French release in 1988... 870 564-7.

31st Dec 2014
 This would fit between JEWEL 7 and JEWEL 9 in the UK catalogue and JEWEL 8 doesn't seem to exist so perhaps this was meant to be JEWEL 8...

It doesn't make a lot of sense though. The text seems to be promoting the band to people who have never heard of them, has their year old hit single as the first track and is promoting the album released in 1988... looks to me like some kind of European introduction to Wet Wet Wet. Then again, 7 people owning it points to it being available in the UK at the time...

31st Dec 2014
 The two discs have different catalogue numbers so it's not really surprising if the pack as a whole has a different one.

Including this one, there are 35 UK entries on the site for Wet Wet Wet; there are no more than six for any other country (and I suspect two of the French ones are a duplicate). The labels look a bit foreign but I'd be surprised if this wasn't made for the UK market.

31st Dec 2014
 The numbers on the labels dont match the packet

31st Dec 2014
 I've changed the date to 1988 as per the date on the sleeve/labels but I suspect this isn't a UK release - anyone know anything about it?

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