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Artist:Bruce Springsteen
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:38 196704 / 88691967047
Date:21 Apr 2012
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Community:10 Own, 1 Wants
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Released on Record Store Day 2012


Number: 380918  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: ALL7in
Description: Cover

Number: 380919 
Uploaded By: ALL7in
Description: Cover (Back)

Number: 426759 
Uploaded By: ajtharp
Description: A-Side

Number: 426760 
Uploaded By: ajtharp
Description: B-Side

29th Apr 2012
 Can't say about the U.K., but the above sleeve and 45 label were both manufactured and sold in the U.S. for Record Store Day April 21, 2012.
I first added the sleeve that I got from the plant ( I know a guy) back in early March.
That plant ships off their finished product (die-cut, folded and glued) to United Record Pressing in Nashville, who add the discs with or without inner sleeves, shrink wrap and stickers.

23rd Apr 2012
 Also on sale in US record shops, label scans added.

23rd Apr 2012
 In fifty years time when post grad students are studying the decline of the 45 this will be a major research resource we want leave them accurate information. This record was on sale in UK record shops..

23rd Apr 2012
 Doesn't the fact that this is a Record Store Day release make the country issue almost a moot point?

23rd Apr 2012
 It's a UK release. Please scan the labels and the sleeve.

23rd Apr 2012
 I have a copy of this, same serial number and sleeve but it's got a small centre, UK style.
is it the same in the states? Or does my UK pressing justify its own entry.

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