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Artist:The Johnny Burnette Trio
Label:  Coral
Date:Oct 1956
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Community:13 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Johnny Burnette TrioThe Train Kept A-Rollin'Tiny Bradshaw, Lois Mann, Howie Kay10.0  Rate
BThe Johnny Burnette TrioHoney HushLou Willie Turner10.0  Rate


BB Oct 13, 1956


Juke Jules
29th Nov 2012
 Snap, Tony! and that's why I bought the Decca album

Tony P
29th Nov 2012
 I first heard these tracks on a Mike Raven programme on Radio 390. He had borrowed a copy of the 10" LP and played all the tracks. I still have a recording of that programme.
As a result of the interest this programme aroused the record was reissued on Ace of Hearts.

bill mann
29th Nov 2012
 Tiny and his band made many great records for Syd at King ,where he made his best stuff, most of which could be contenders for the first Rock 'n' roll record. Charly issued a cd in their King/Federal series many moon ago, well worth seeking out, as are the others in the series.

mickey rat
29th Nov 2012
 So here's Syd Nathan again (using his favourite pseudonym "Lois Mann"). The original version of this song was a rollicking R&B version by Tiny Bradshaw and was something of an R&B hit in the early '50s. I had it at one stage on a King 78 and it really rocked. The Johnny Burnette Trio cover version eventually became a cult item and was covered by every man and his dog over the years. Presumably royalties continued to flow back to Nathan's estate via his Lois Publishing. Dunno who Howie Kay was. Probably an industry person owed a favour by Nathan.

29th Nov 2012
 Bought a boot of this off eBay... Sound isn't bad for a repro, especially since the chances of me finding an affordable original in good shape are a bit slim...

Juke Jules
24th Oct 2012
 am i allowed to upload it?
That will have to wait til 78cat starts up; shouldn't be long now!

ready teddy 1956
24th Oct 2012
 Hi juke jules the format is a vinyl 78 limited edition with inserts etc, it has Sweet Love on my mind on the other side hope this helps, am i allowed to upload it?

Juke Jules
24th Oct 2012
 What format is your cruisin'the 50s label, Teddy?

ready teddy 1956
24th Oct 2012
 Yes this is one of the greatest rockabilly double siders ever.I have the train kept a rollin' on the cruisin'the 50s label and also on a number of lps,much better than all that teen pop he did.

Juke Jules
24th Oct 2012
 The album was of course also re-issued in the UK on Ace Of Hearts, 1966
YouTube also has a video of Paul McCartney singing Honey Hush in Phoenix, 2010

24th Oct 2012
 the uk reissue is linked at bottom of this page, also worth noting that the 10" album got a straight reissue in the 80's with very similar artwork..but as a 12"

Juke Jules
24th Oct 2012
 You bet it's been released! - many times, including on 7" and on a 10" 78 (1996). Hope you can find one
Meanwhile, the original 10" Coral LP occasionally shows up, selling for about $1000

23rd Oct 2012
 If ever there was a 1950s 45 that deserves to be reissued, this is it. Adding
this one to my want list for sure.

Juke Jules
22nd Oct 2012

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