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Record Details

Artist:Philip Bailey (Duet With Phil Collins)
Label:  CBS
Catalogue:A 4915
Date:Feb 1985
Chart Position:1
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:64 Own
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APhilip Bailey (Duet With Phil Collins)Easy LoverP. Bailey, P. Collins, N. EastPhil Collins9.0  Rate
BPhilip BaileyWomanM. Sharron, G. Skardina, S. MitchellPhil CollinsRate


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Dr Doom
10th Sep 2010
 As you can see we've tweaked the image thing a little (cheers Sladesounds) and as soon as I get a chance I'll write a new blurb on the (ahem) News section to explain what it's all about.....

10th Sep 2010
 Sorry but I missed the comments on this one hence the delay in replying.

My copy is white - its just poor pics therefore mods please take down my uploads as better quaility have been submitted. :)

BTW I like the hidden pics option that has appeared.

9th Sep 2010
 I don't think sladesounds uses a scanner - I'm pretty sure that's the white label in a digital photo! I could be wrong...

Rotatey Diskers
9th Sep 2010
 I guess that's a point only sladesounds can help us with!

8th Sep 2010
 Well, my scans and sladesounds' are one-above-the-other here, so it's easy to compare. I think a scanner would have to be a long way out of true to make that much difference.

Rotatey Diskers
8th Sep 2010
 I think the point that vinyl_junkie is making is that sladesounds' scans are probably also white - just from a different scanner.

8th Sep 2010
 I knew someone would say that! :-)

Mine are white, sladesounds' are grey. I thought we might as well have the variation.

8th Sep 2010
 Aren't TheJudge and sladesound's scans of identical labels?

23rd May 2010
 Picture sleeve uploaded with CBS A and B Side labels.

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