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Artist:Charlie Drake
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:A8052 / A-8052
Date:Nov 1961
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Community:10 Own
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ACharlie DrakeMy Boomerang Won't Come BackDiamond, DrakeJohnnie Spence7.0  Rate
BCharlie DrakeShe's My GirlDiamond, DrakeJohnnie Spence2.0  Rate


4th Apr 2016
 I thought being black in the face referred to hard work= coal-mining/locomotive fireman, coming up covered in dust/soot after a hard day's graft.
Blue in the Face = Oxygen Depletion.

3rd Apr 2016
 Here is a video that plays the full-length Black In the Face version of the A-side in stereo

This A-side and his track "I Bent My Assagai" were reissued back to back on 22000

3rd Apr 2016
 I only have this 209 copy and the lyrics are "Black In The Face".

mickey rat
2nd Apr 2016
 And of course he followed this up with a song about a bent assagai. Can't say I can remember the lyrics but wonder how it played in South Africa or if it was considered racist by the BBC.

2nd Apr 2016
 So were singles pressed in the UK that contained the "Blue In The Face" lyric?

Felonious: That link you posted is only available if you subscribe to the website. Content is otherwise unavailable. If you can find a way to re-post the content to a free website, please do.

2nd Apr 2016
 The BBC did in 1962

"But in the UK at the time the British Broadcasting Corporation refused to play the tune until a new version was recorded which changed the lyrics to “blue in the face” — it eventually reached number 14 in the charts."

Herald Sun 23 Nov 2015


2nd Apr 2016
"This is nice , innit, being banished at my time of life"

Other than its sung in a Upper Class Brit accent, by a diminuitive englishman , I cannot find a racist word or suggestion in it.

2nd Apr 2016
 The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) have removed this from their playlist last week as some listeners complained it was racist.

3rd Jan 2015
 Australian (Kent) Music Report (Top 100): Entry date 18 Nov 1961, Peak 1, Weeks 20. *

Adelaide Charts: Entry date 25 Nov 1961, Peak 1, Weeks 13.
Brisbane Charts: Entry date 26 Nov 1961, Peak 1, Weeks 15.
Melbourne Charts: Entry date 18 Nov 1961, Peak 1, Weeks 17.
Perth Charts: Entry date 5 Jan 1962, Peak 1, Weeks 9.
Sydney Charts: Entry date 17 Nov 1961, Peak 1, Weeks 20.

* Ranked the 5th biggest hit of 1961.

Record Collector
9th Jul 2014
 thankyou for the information stereotom it be very unlikely the full stereo mix would have been wiped

9th Jul 2014
 Stereo mix is of the first United Artists release for the single, which was edited down from the full length version. The 2nd United Artists single replaced one lyric and was never mixed to stereo.

Chances of a stereo mix existing of the full track are zero. That session tape was one that got purged in the 1973 EMI vault cleanout.

Record Collector
9th Jul 2014
 yep have a few albums with this song on it

Neil Forbes
9th Jul 2014
 They could never do a song like this these days! Record Collector heard a stereo mix but edited down to less than 3 minutes? That means there's got to be the full version in stereo lurking out there.... somewhere! Probably stowed away in EMI's archives at Hayes, Middlesex.

Record Collector
9th Jul 2014
 I heard a Stereo version of this classic but it was edited under three minutes

Deepinder Cheema
6th Nov 2012
 No 1 in Oz... priceless

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