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Record Details

Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Parlophone
Date:21 Feb 1963
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Community:6 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe BeatlesPlease Please MeMcCartney, LennonRate
BThe BeatlesAsk Me WhyMcCartney, LennonRate


1st issue: Purple labels - February 1963 to October 1963.

2nd issue: Black labels - October 1963 to 1973.


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9th Jun 2014
 Added A side label variant with no comma in song title

6th Aug 2013
 A side variant added with no 'Leeds Music' instead with MCSP

11th Jun 2013
 Added high res scans of both labels

24th Mar 2012
 LOVE the sleeve!!!

13th Feb 2012
 Hi DJA1969 - I'm in South Korea at the moment and I'm loading up odd things from scans I have in files on my computer in S.Korea. I did scans of both sides of these singles at one stage but they must be stored back on my computer in Oz. I scanned a lot of the records I had at a time when I had some free time on my hands and I'm just listing stuff mostly from these scans. Thus most my listings are just the A sides. I do have B sides of these particular singles somewhere tho so will put them up when I find them. Cheers.

10th Feb 2012
 Is there any chance you could scan and upload all 3 purple label Side B's please.

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