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Record Details

Label:  CBS
Catalogue:AAG 133
Date:Jan 1963
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Community:19 Own
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ADionRuby BabyJ. Leiber, M. StollerRobert MerseyRobert Mersey9.3  Rate
BDionHe'll Only Hurt YouD. DiMucci, N. Sherman, M. Maurer, W. FarrellRobert MerseyRobert MerseyRate


Release date from booklet 'The New Records', February 1963 (covering January 1963 Releases)
NME Rec. Co. Ad: January 18th, 1963
NME Singles Review: January 25th, 1963
RR review Jan 24, 1963.


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27th Sep 2014
 B-side can be heard at the USA record linked below.

Stereo A-side


27th Sep 2014
 Great stuff from Dion as always.

17th Feb 2013

19th Jun 2012
 Power to the Bobbys, I say.

carey jeggs
19th Jun 2012
 I've just been watching that documentary How The Brits Rocked America and when they started the case for the prosecution they cut to this clip as evidence of the parlous state of rock & roll in America in 1963.Apparently the original energy and thrill of rock & roll had dissipated and been replaced by an ersatz replica.Beg to differ.Nothing wrong with this or with Bobby Rydell either, who was disparaged in the programme along with anybody else who happened to be called Bobby.

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