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Artist:Rhythm Heritage
Label:  ABC
Date:Apr 1976
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Community:18 Own
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ARhythm HeritageBarretta's Theme ("Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow")M. Ames, D. GrusinSteve Barri, Michael OmartianMichael Omartian9.0  Rate
BRhythm HeritageMy Cherie AmourH. Cosby, S. Moy, S. WonderSteve Barri, Michael OmartianMichael OmartianRate


A side from the Universal Television series "Barretta."

Both sides from the album "Disco-Fied."


Number: 564023  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: burdockman
Edited By: musictom
Description: a side label (from the image collection of Diognes_The_Fox)

Number: 1243707 
Uploaded By: 77WABC
Description: B side label

Number: 1517325 
Uploaded By: spidey2
Description: Variant A side

Number: 1517326 
Uploaded By: spidey2
Description: Variant B side

16th Sep 2014
 Baretta is how the title is on the Goldies 45 release and the long version of the A-side was released on the promo 45 (just listed).

17th Apr 2014
 Missing B side label added.

14th Jan 2014
 Actually, Baretta should be correct; it was first-pressings that added the extra "r". (The first-pressings also incorrectly spelled one of the publishers as "Leed" Music Corp., later corrected to Leeds.)

5th Dec 2013
 my copy has a small 2mm white ring around the center hole on both sides, i dont know if it's a discoloration or a design on the label, also on my copy Barretta is mispelled as Baretta

24th Sep 2012
 Short version (which I vividly remember from my days in summer camp) . . .

The long version, I had on a custom-made cassette tape produced by a company called Sound Choice (which had licensed many tracks owned by ABC at the time) in 1978.

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