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Artist:Guy Marks
Label:  ABC
Catalogue:ABC 4211
Date:14 Apr 1978
Chart Position:25
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Community:47 Own, 1 Wants
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AGuy MarksLoving You Has Made Me BananasGuy MarksPeter DeAngelis7.3  Rate
BGuy MarksForgive Me My LovePeter DeAngelisPeter DeAngelis3.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 719


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9th Mar 2015
 Laurel and Hardy I think got a bit of the hit from a BBC series on Slient Greats- (Michael Bentine presenting or similar).
Bannanas from I think a play on BBC Radio One Fun at One slot by Paul Burnett. (unless anyone has a better reason)

Mikey Dread
24th Sep 2014
 On a UK Top Of The Pops appearance (as shown on the YT clip) for Guy Marks, two out of the three female backing singers misread the lyrics and accidentally sing, "Your father had the shOpfitter blues" (at 1:47), while the other one correctly sang, "Your father had the shipfitter blues", followed by chuckles from the ladies as they realised their mistake.

carey jeggs
17th Nov 2011
 I remember it coming out on Stateside in 1968 but I didn't hear it played until it was a hit 10 years later.Back in '68 bananas as a term for crazy was unknown in the UK,or perhaps I should say unknown to me, so the title was syntactically confusing as bananas isn't an adjective.I've no idea how it came to be a hit in '78

17th Nov 2011
 What happened back then? PUNK. (oh, and D.I.S.C.O.)..

10th Sep 2010

13th Aug 2010
 Remember listening to this on Radio Luxemburg i ´78 and just loved it, but I have NOT found out why this was Top 20 hit i UK. Was it used in a commercial or film? The year before it was Laurell & Hardy in the TOp 10.What happened back theen?

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