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Record Details

Artist:Lloyd Price
Label:  Diamond
Country:Hong Kong
Catalogue:ABC 6
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
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Juke Jules
3rd Feb 2012
 More evidence from Billy! Better change this to a Hong Kong release
Interesting how the cat. no's reflect the source of the material
btw I can now see why this pressing has a ¼" hole, which of course rules out a USA 45. My images seem to show some sort of cut-out around the centre but it is in fact a solid centre, with the ink worn off the centre ridge

Billy Two
3rd Feb 2012
 Have uploaded an image of a Diamond company sleeve - address "Diamond - Mercury Record Co. Ltd P.O.Box 950 Hong Kong"...

3rd Feb 2012
 Blimey ! This is why I love this site. Somehow I got a single on this label and hadn't a clue of its country of origin. I assumed it was some small US label. Now I know better. Will upload straight away.

Juke Jules
3rd Feb 2012
 Thanks Guys, nice piece of detective work by Keith

3rd Feb 2012
 Probably both!!!! Diamond music were active in both areas

3rd Feb 2012
 Hong Kong or Singapore?

3rd Feb 2012
 Isnt this more likely a foreign label leasing from ABC Paramount???Found this cutting which may explain

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