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Record Details

Artist:Various Artists
Label:  Action [60s Sheffield]
Catalogue:ACT 002
Title:Rag Goes Mad At The Mojo
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Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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Nick Walsh recordings (33rpm speed)


26th Jun 2015
 "Mr Pete Stringfellow introduces the boys to the stomping, cheering, hand-clapping audience..."

Yes, it would be THAT Peter Stringfellow...

20th Mar 2013
 Thank you for adding this! Peter Manton is my dad, he was a wonderful man. I have never seen this before and wonder if he had a copy somewhere!

31st May 2012
 just added this! (can't believe it has'nt already been put on!)

as there is already a U.K. Action label, for now I've put in brackets 60's/Sheffield, though ACT 001 (if it exsists!) might not be a Sheffield recording, so I will leave it to someone else 'in the know' to make corrections!

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