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Artist:Our Plastic Dream
Label:  Go
Catalogue:AJ 11411
Date:11 Aug 1967
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:11 Own, 2 Want
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AOur Plastic DreamA Little Bit Of ShangrilaR. JamesPeter Richard10.0  Rate
BOur Plastic DreamEncapsulated MarigoldPierre TubbsPeter RichardRate


28th Sep 2014
 Yes. The version in the video below is what I remember from my copy.

26th Aug 2014

22nd Nov 2013
 If the version I just listened to on YT is the release copy then the A label copies are a different take entirely. For one thing, the A label copies have a rudimentary guitar solo whereas what I just heard had just "aaaahs" and right at the start, just before the vocals start, the A labels have someone saying something like "Yup"; as though they were saying they were ready for a take.
Maybe the YT version is a different take that wasn't released?
I'm doing this from memory as I haven't played my A label for years but the differences made me jump.

Leather Rebel
13th Sep 2009
 This is a later incarnation of The Jeeps (that had two 45s on Strike).

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